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I’m Sonja and I am an art historian. I grew up in a very small town in Austria and I have always been interested in discovering new things. I decided to study art history because art is always full with new and challenging ideas, and is able to provide new perspectives on many different subjects. I studied in Graz, Valencia, and I just finished my Masters at the University of Vienna.

My passion is art and if you love it too then you are in the right place. I will write exhibition reviews, and about museums and special subjects in art history. Apart from that, I love to travel, read and hike.
I am just starting to write reviews and critiques and I would love to share my new discoveries with you. My goal is to share my thoughts about museums and exhibitions because I want to see how works of art come together to form an exhibition. While visiting exhibitions, I started to think about the comparison between museums and the organization of exhibitions. Why are certain works of art chosen as centerpieces and not others? Questions like this led me to start this blog.

The Museum Stroll launched in 2016 as a community for everybody who is interested in art and museums. Art can be challenging and difficult, but the Museum Stroll will make it easier and interesting for you.

I am also open to commissions & collaborations.
Drop me a message to get in touch or just say hello!


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